Friday, March 14, 2014

Happy Birthday Abby

FREEZE!  It's a Frozen Party!  We had a Blast celebrating Abby's 8th Birthday.  She loves the movie Frozen, so she wanted a Frozen party with her friends.  

We made "Frozen Themed" Foods for her party. We made an Olaf Cake and Snowflake Cupcakes

We had a Snowman Fruit Bowl

Olaf Noses (Carrots and Ranch)

We also had snowballs (marshmallows), Crackers with snowflake shaped cheese, snowman and snowflake sugar cookies and popcorn.  It was a hit!

We also had a fun "Frosty Delight" drink.  It was a combination of sprite, koolaid and ice cream.

We played several games. Pin the tail on Olaf had a lot of winners, so I think there might have been a little peeking going on underneath their blindfolds.  :-) 

We played a game where the girls were blindfolded and they had to draw a picture.  We started out telling them to draw three circles, one on top of the other.  Then they added three dots going from top to bottom in the middle circle.  Then they added a smile, a nose and eyes in the top circle.  They finished it off with two stick arms.  They seemed to enjoy it and we had some pretty good artists in the group.

After that, we had a dance off to the frozen soundtrack.

Abby said it was a GREAT Birthday Party, so I guess that makes it a success!  It was fun!

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