Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Weekend Entertainment

We don't have a lot of activities around here on the weekends, so we try and think up our own fun.  Abby decided to have a spa day & Abby and the twins just LOVED it.  She picked flowers from our yard and put them in a bucket of water.  Notice the little table she made, complete with a tablecloth, water, snack and her fingernail polish.

This was also the day that red nail polish got left out in the yard and that little chair Abby is sitting in along with Audrey's bare backside all got covered in red nail polish.  Nail polish, when put on really thick, is hard to get off a baby's bum.

Andy spent the day working on a bunk bed for the girls room.  It's coming along quite nicely.  I don't have the latest picture, but it actually looks like a bunk bed now!

For dinner we decided to grill out hot dogs.  Hot Dogs are EXPENSIVE here, so they are a real treat.  It was a weekend full of homemade fun!

(Audrey - green dress, Haley, Abby & Nathan)

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