Sunday, May 25, 2014

Going On's in April and May

Whew!  We've been busy.  When we get into busy season's, it's hard for me just to keep up with our family life, much less this blog.  Things are slowing down for us again, so I'm trying to wade through our pictures so I can get caught back up.

We started off April with lots of visits to see our friends.  John and Ababa are long time friends of ours. We met them when we lived out country & now we live just down the road from each other.

Ababa, Nahum and Audrey

Abby and Barci - they've been friends since they were babies.

Nathan and Audrey staying entertained with a magna doodle

These condos are going up all over the Capital.  Most of our friends aspire to live in one of these.

Nathan & Nahum - Games keep everyone entertained

Cute little guy!

These little cuties hanging out at our house just before we left.  Audrey (left) and Haley.  They are all dressed up in traditional clothes.

Cute little Haley

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