Sunday, May 25, 2014

We are so Proud

Abby and Nathan both made decisions to follow Christ in the past month.  We are so Proud of them!  We've been praying for years that they would make this decision & it's such a blessing that they did.  Abby came to me one night at the end of April and told me she wanted to follow Christ.  Andy is home 99% of the time at night & this one night he just happened to be out getting a haircut.  I always imagined us both leading our children to Christ.  I called Andy & he was way across town & he told me that if the Holy Spirit was moving in her little heart then I should follow!  So, I had the great pleasure of talking with Abby about what it means to have a relationship with God. She wrote this sweet note after she became a Christian.

Here's what she wrote:  April 23, 2014 - I went to my Mom's room and prayed to ask Jesus into my heart.  Me and my Mom talked about accepting Jesus into my heart.  I know I am a sinner and I know Jesus died on the cross.  Dear God I know I am a sinner and I want to ask you to forgive me.  Please come and live in my heart.  Please make the Holy Spirit guide me all of my days.

She is beautiful on the inside and out!

Andy always said that he thought Nathan would become a believer shortly after Abby did.  They just have a close relationship & it was hard to imagine Abby doing something without Nathan following close behind.  He was right!

A couple weeks after Abby became a Believer, Nathan came up to me after our Bible Story time and whispered in my ear,"I want to become a Christian."   It caught me off guard because here again, Andy was gone that evening.  With Nathan being so young, I really wanted Andy to be here to talk with Nathan.  I called Andy and he rushed home.  Nathan has such a sensitive heart and he really wanted to make a commitment to follow God!  We were so happy for him. 

Look at this sweet little guy!

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