Thursday, July 3, 2014

Our latest Pictures

We are ENJOYING Summer Break.  It's really rainey season break here, so we are enjoying nice cool weather and rain storms every day.  It's my favorite time of year!

We've enjoyed walks around our neighborhood

 Audrey (farthest back), Haley and Nathan

Chasing chickens (Audrey has the bow in her hair)

We've enjoyed cuddle time with Daddy

Haley (left), Nathan, Andy and Audrey

It's really hard to believe this young lady finished 2nd Grade.  We are so proud of her!

We've enjoyed time for fun hair do's

And we enjoyed end of the school year field trips

Abby making pottery

We've enjoyed driving around town

We've enjoyed picnics

Andy and Audrey

Andy and Haley


We've enjoyed sandboxes (although Audrey just got dirt in her eye in this
 picture, so she's not quite so happy) - Audrey in purple

We cut some trees down in our yard, so we've enjoyed getting firewood together

We've enjoyed dressing up like superhero's (Audrey)

Climbing trees (Audrey in polka dot pants)

And coloring ourselves with markers when we find stray markers left out by big brother and sister. (Audrey)

And last, but not least we've enjoyed watching them work on cobble stoning our road!

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