Friday, July 25, 2014

Vacation - Part 2

We toured at 17th Century Castle.  It was amazing!

It was Graduation weekend at the local University, so a ton of Graduates were at the Castle taking pictures.  All the Graduates wanted a picture with our kids.  Haley and Abby were the most willing to take pictures with complete strangers. 

Audrey (front), Haley, Nathan and Abby on the Castle steps.

Audrey (left) and Haley in a fireplace

The Italians used this Castle as a military post in WW2.  The roof was bombed out at that time. 

On the Castle Steps - Front to Back - Koleta, Haley, Nathan, Abby, Audrey and Andy 

I liked this big door.  L-R - Audrey, Andy, Nathan, Koleta, Haley and Abby

L-R - Haley, Audrey, Abby and Nathan

Abby and Haley in another Graduation picture 

L-R - Audrey, Andy, Koleta and Haley

L-R - Nathan, Haley, Audrey and Abby 

Nathan in the lion cage 

Kids being silly - L-R - Nathan, Haley, Audrey and Abby

Kids in the Castle Window - L-R - Audrey, Abby, Nathan and Haley

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