Friday, July 25, 2014

Vacation - Part 3

We spent a couple of days on a resort that is on a HUGE lake.
We spent a lot of time swimming in the pool.

Abby enjoyed getting a pedicure at the resort spa. 

The kids enjoyed lots of Daddy time! 

Haley being tossed in the air 

Nathan flying through the air 

Andy, Abby, Haley and Nathan 

Audrey and Haley (pink) looking at the lake.  This lake is where the Nile river begins. 

Audrey and Daddy in the pool 

Audrey (yellow) and Haley jumping around 

Audrey by the lake 

Our resort 

Nathan looking out over the lake

This was a man fishing on a papyrus boat 

Haley (pink) and Audrey ready to go swimming 

Haley (pink), Andy, Abby and Audrey 

Daddy tossing Haley in the air 

Haley (pink) and Audrey splashing in the kiddie pool

Our hotel room 

Nathan, Abby and Daddy 

We had an amazing room.  It had a porch, a living room and a master bedroom.  Audrey (red), Nathan, Abby and Haley sitting on the steps. 

We were in the downstairs room.  This kind of reminded me of a Thomas Kinkaid pictures. 

 The kids sleeping by the fire.  Abby and Haley (left bed), Nathan and Audrey (right bed) 

Mommy took the little ones to have tea while Abby was getting a pedicure.  Audrey (front), Haley and Nathan 

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