Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Update from the Hatfield's

Wow, at this season in my life it seems like it's hard for me to keep up with our little Homeplace on the Web.  We had a GREAT summer!  We had lots of family time in July.  In August, we moved to a new house (about 10 minutes from our old house)  and Abby and Nathan started school.  We are all getting adjusted to the fast paced life of school.
We celebrated Abby's 8 1/2 Birthday on Sunday.  We love celebrating Half Birthday's around our house, so we enjoyed eating cake with her!
The kids had a 3 day weekend last weekend.  It's rainy season here now, but the girls sure did enjoy a little bit of time outside when we had a break in the rain.
Nathan started Kindergarten this year.  He LOVES school !  When he gets home from school we do his homework on the porch.  After we finish homework, he always wants to hold Alley Cat.
Audrey's newest hair style.  She always wants her hair braided.
Haley's newest hobby is collecting caterpillar's.  I don't think we'll have to worry about a caterpillar infestation at our house.
Haley holding a Caterpillar with Audrey watching on.

The twins have enjoyed Rainy season.  There's been LOTS of playing in the rain around our house.

May the Force Be With You
Play time!  Audrey playing while waiting on Nathan to get out of school.

Haley stacking all her animals on her bed.

Nathan playing dress up

Haley dressing up like a Knight

Abby "resting" after school

Haley getting a piggy back ride
Abby and Nathan dancing

Haley feeding her Babies

Haley taking her Baby for a stroll

And last, but not least, the kids have enjoyed lots of cuddle time with Daddy!

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