Saturday, September 27, 2014

Getting Settled

We are getting settled into our new home (Same Country, New House).  We even hung pictures this week !  It's starting to really feel like home. 
Abby spent part of the day today making her peanut butter munchies.  She not only made cookies, but she cleaned up her mess afterwards - all by herself!!  I was one proud Mom!
Abby and Nathan ride in a carpool to school each morning.  Here they are waiting on our porch for the van to arrive.  It was pouring down rain, so Andy was ready to take them out to the bus with an umbrella.
There they go!
Audrey and Haley loved to pretend they are babies & they love for me to wrap them up in a blanket like a little baby.  The other day I wrapped them both up in a blanket together.  They were so cute!  Audrey is in the purple outfit. 

Audrey and Haley's favorite pastime is playing with Abby's polly pockets.  Audrey is in red.

We had a cookout on our porch last night.  The kids loved grilling out hot dogs.  Audrey (red), Nathan, Haley (zebra print) and Abby

Audrey hitching a ride on Haley's bike

I love this poinsettia tree in our yard.

Abby and Nathan are sharing a room for now.  Abby was in a room with the twins at our last house & the twins were just destroying all of Abby's things.  Abby is much happier to be rooming with her brother who leaves all her projects and toys alone.
Haley and Audrey's room 
My kitchen 

Our living room/dining room 

I worked hard this week building this arbor this week.  I'm trying to get our bougainvillea to grow on top of it.

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