Saturday, January 25, 2014

Field Day

Once a year Abby's school has Field Day.  It's a fun filled day of races, catching up with friends, eating good food, face painting and having lots of fun!  Field Day started yesterday and will finish up today.  Audrey had a fever last night, so I had to stay home from field day today.  Bummer, but it has been a nice day full of Audrey cuddles!

Abby ran in a few races, but she really likes field day because she can hang out with her friends all day.  

Abby is in the red shirt, second from the right 

Face Painting is always a big hit at field day.  They really took the artistry level up this year because the art teacher was helping do the face paint.

Dalmatian Abby 

Audrey was a rabbit.  When they asked her what she wanted she just said she wanted purple, so she got a purple rabbit.

Haley did the same thing.  She requested pink so she got a pink rabbit.

Nathan got a rocket ship on one side of his face and a planet on the other side.

Field day is one of our favorite weekends each year!

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