Monday, January 20, 2014

We're Home

We made it !  We made it here safe and sound with all our little ones in tow.  :-) We even made it with all our bags and no custom fees!  The customs official only opened one of our bags and the only thing they had a question about was Nathan's toy light saber.  Fortunately for Nathan, once they figured out that it was a toy they put it back in the bag and let us move along our merry way.

We're in the middle of fighting jet lag right now.  The kids think 12AM-4AM is a wonderful time to wake up and play.  We've had two nights like that, so we are hoping that tonight will be their first full night to sleep through the night.

Abby started back to school today & loved her 2nd grade teacher.  When I walked her up to her class this morning, the entire class started yelling, "Abigail !  Abigail's back!" in excitement.  It was a great way for her to return to school. 

I'll write more once we get unpacked and settled back into life here.

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